Terms & Conditions

This Android App is not meant for dating applications and you shall be liable for any misuse of the app. The intention of this app is to facilitate lawful marriages by providing a platform for contact between eligible persons. You must be competent to marriage as per the laws in India. This app shall be meant for use of a person from the Mali Community only and Mali Rishtey Dhaage reserves rights to verify a person who subscribes to the app. A person from another community shall not be entitled to use this app. If such a person from other community found using this app the services to such use shall be forthwith discontinued and the subscription amount shall be confiscated. The intended subscriber must give true and correct information and supporting documents while registering in the app and such information and documents are primarily verified by the Mali Rishtey Dhaage. However, Mali Rishtey Dhaage is not responsible for any false information/ documents provided by the subscriber. You cannot change the device once you are registered with your Registration ID/ Book ID. If you wish to change your registered device that will be considered as a new user and you will be charged accordingly. We are not responsible for any damage/s caused to your mobile/ handset for any reason whatsoever.

Cancellation and Refund Policy

At the time of registration in our Mali Rishtey Dhaage Matrimony app when you agree to our terms and conditions, it means that you agree to our refund policy as well.