Creative Idea & Chief Organiser: Mr.Ravindra Chaudhari

Karmanye Wadhika Raste Maam Phaleshu Kadaachana' (Carry on with your duties without anticipating any fruit) says Lord Krishna in his golden guidance to Arjuna in the Bhagwat Gita. These lines are etched in Ravi Chaudhari's mind like bold print. Mindless of the obstacles and unshaken by successes, Ravi is a rare crusader in social change. This entrepreneur, activist, and philanthropist have been actively involved in the community and social projects in Maharashtra. Pune has seen umpteen social and community initiatives executed popularly by this visionary and his organizations that benefit women, children, and the youth.

About Mali  Rishtey Dhaage

Team :

  • Mrs Rohini P Raskar
  • Mrs Gayatri Chaudhari

Mali Vadhuvar

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